Expert evaluation of the May 6 events on Bolotnaya square in Moscow is published.

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Today, on 21st of February 2014 the verdict on so-called "Bolotnaya case" was partly announced in Moscow. Defendants of this case are accused for organizing/participating in mass riots, meaning the events of 6th May 2012 on Bolotnaya square in Moscow.
At the same time, journalists, activists and experts reported on multiple violation of trial procedures, and there is still a lot of questions to the eye witnesses of policemen and other authorities.

In Moscow, the court trial regarding “mass disorder” which took place on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May 2012, has just begun.

It seems unlikely this event would have drawn such serious attention, if it was indeed a routine trial of participants of the demonstration for clashing with the police. These kind of conflicts take place in every country. In democratic countries, if these sort of clashes do not entail serious consequences they are usually not seen as a severe violation of the law, since the rights of citizens, who take part in the demonstration, are considered a priority.

International Expert Commission for evaluation of May 6th 2012 on Bolornaya Square in Moscow was established in response to the appeal from Russian and international civil societies. The Commission initiated by largest and most known international human rights NGOs:  Amnesty International, Article19, European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), International Civil Initiative for OSCE (ICI OSCE), International Platform «Civil Solidarity», International Protection Center, Human Rights Watch

Following the mass protests, that were dispersed by the riot-police, authorities of Russia made an official statement, that events on Bolotnaya square were mass riots.  Officially it is being presented as planned and organized for foreign money in advance violent action which was aimed to have a coup. At the moment 30 people are under accusation of organization and participation in mass rioting. Several activists, public observers  and NGO representatives had searches as possible witnesses of mass rioting, and number of those seeking for asylum abroad is growing.